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Saving Post Libraries..

Does your post have a library!? I am almost willing to bet it does! Most of them are small, and hardly used for anything more than internet access for some soldiers and the occasional person who might wander in to get some research for something they are working on. BUT, I have to tell you, the libraries on post NEED YOU!

There are some great hidden gems in each library. Whether you are looking for a book from your childhood, or researching military history, post libraries are full of things most have forgotten. No matter what you are wanting to look for, start with your local post library. The librarians are pretty helpful, and they can help you find what you are looking for.

Now, here is the low-down on how most of them are laid out. The smaller they are, you will mostly find research material in the adult section and a smattering of random books. The kid sections though, are pure gold! They have some AWESOME selections for kids! We live on a super small post, and the adult section has me cringing, but we LOVE the kids section! You might even check and see what programs they have available for kids and adults! Most of them have story times for kids of different ages!

How can you help? DONATE! Take those books that you would normally drop at another donation site (where they will sell them), and take them to your library and drop them off! You can claim this as a tax deduction if you wish. Get out and be proactive! We are losing libraries, and that is a tragedy! Libraries are a great place to read, to learn, and to grow!

Get out and check out your post library today!