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There are two types of people in the world – Those who like coffee and those who are wrong. Coffee is LIFE! Every coffee drinker has different levels. You start out at novice (just one cup a day please), and then move up the chain to “I am so addicted, I cannot go an hour without it.” I fall in that last one. My coffee pot goes all day every day. If we are out camping, we have a percolator that makes coffee on the camp fire. The worst ten weeks of my life were basic training, when I could not have it. I survived on coffee fumes from those that could have it.

Now present day – if I could have a coffee IV attached, that would be perfect. I have contemplated adding a coffee station to my home office, just to avoid walking downstairs to refill my over sized mug. My kids know, if mom has not had that first sip of coffee, there is no talking. No arguments, nothing. Before I can completely function, I have to make sure that coffee has hit my blood stream, allowing my brain to fully come to life. Usually my last cup of coffee is about 30 minutes before I head to bed. I literally drink coffee from son up to son down. With my two boys, we are constantly busy, and life does not stop. But hey, regular coffee gets boring after a while, so you want to shake it up a bit!

With CHINET, you can!! If you have not checked out the Recipes for BE YOUR OWN BARISTA you need to!! There are some fantastic and delicious recipes, just waiting for you!! Make sure you get the CHINET on the go cups, so you can take these delicious creations along wherever you go! My kids like to pretend they are drinking coffee to, so I put apple juice into the cups!

Which one is your favorite?? Caramel Macchiato is mine!