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Soak Up The Sun With Neutrogena!

We all want to soak up the sun during the summer months! Spending time outside is so much fun, and when you are with friends and family, it is even better. However, as much fun as it is to be outside, no one wants to end up with a sunburn. In more recent years, there has been a bigger push on taking care of your skin, and minimizing any damage that can occur due to the suns rays.

As kids, this was not something that we thought about. Any chance to get outside, sunscreen or not, we were out the door and gone. I don’t think I could tell you how many sunburns I got as as child, since I never took the time to stop and protect my skin. I watch my kids doing the same thing I did, and remember my mom yelling at me to put on sunscreen as I was going to be sorry later.

Now, as we have matured into adults, skincare is one thing that we give a little more thought to. We want our kids to protect their skin as well, so keeping sunscreen on hand (and by the door) has become more commonplace. With the pricing at the commissary, you can get a few bottles to keep in different places! Put some in your first aid kit in the car, leave some right by the front door, and add it to backpacks for extra protection! One can never be to prepared!

Enjoy your best day in the sun, and protect your skin at the same time! Visit your local Exchange, and grab some Neutrogena sunscreen! There are so many activities waiting for you! Don’t hide in the house, afraid of the sun. Jump over to your Exchange today! Embrace summer and have some fun in the sun! Don’t forget to check out the amazing savings from Johnson & Johnson before you go! The Get Out And Summer sweepstakes is still going on! If you have not entered, now is your chance!