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Some of My Favorite Stores That Offer Military Discounts

I am a bargain shopper! So I never shy away of asking if a store offers a military discount. Here are some of my favorite stores that offer a military discount*!

Lululemon 25%

Photo Cred: Lululemon

Yes, I am aware they are expensive, and I am not lying when I say I am a bargain shopper. I only ever shop We Made Too Much, which is their clearance and guess what?!? You can take 25% off of that! I have scored some GREAT deals that last me years.


Foot Locker 15% 

Need new kicks? I have gotten some great deals and the added military discount is a bonus to boot…pun intended!

Abercrombie & Fitch 15%

Another favorite of mine, A & F has come a looong way since high school days and make some very nice clothes. They usually have great deals and clearance items and I have been able to stack military discount on top of that, making their clothes very affordable.

Kohls 15%

I’ll be honest, I am not much of a Kohls shopper…BUT I have heard if you shop smart you can save a lot of money here! Be sure to ask for the military discount on top of that!

Old Navy 10%

Photo Cred: Oldnavy.com

Another store I love shopping at when it comes to kids clothing!

American Eagle 15%

I love American Eagle, and I love that they give a 15% discount too…BIG SCORE!

Express 15%

My husband is a huge Express fan and when shopping sales plus military discount…you can’t beat it!

Micheals 10% & JoAnn Fabrics 15%

Crafting much? Save on craft supplies when you shop these two craft stores!

Lowe’s 10% AND Home Depot 10%

Have some house projects or improvements that need to get done? These are my two go tos and offer a military discount!


*Discounts may vary store to store and some restrictions may apply.


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