Game Night with OREO® Cookies

In our house, weekends are family time. My spouse is at his boat from 0500 to 2000 every weekday, so Saturdays and Sundays are dedicated to having fun with the kids. He is a huge gamer (computer gamer that is) and he loves board games just as much. Now that our babies are growing into toddlers and elementary-aged kids, my husband decided to invoke Kids’ Game night on Saturday nights to coincide with his Sunday night Daddy video game night with his buddies. Each week we rotate who gets to choose a game and a snack to go with it! We have 4 kids so it works perfectly that each kid picks once a month (for the most part). It has been a wonderful addition to family time and the kids love being able to choose our activity. Does your family have game night? I would love some game ideas for our family, so drop a comment and let me know what your favorite games are!


For kid’s game night, their favorite activities revolve around any type of game- board games, outdoor games, and video games. Of course, Mama is in charge of all the snacks, which conveniently is my favorite part of game night. As you all already know, we love OREO Cookies in this house. Typically, we go for the Double Stuf variety, but every now and then a new variety pops in that makes us cheat on our beloved friend. We just discovered our new favorite of the season- Limited Edition S’mores OREO Cookies! My 6-year-old perfectly put this cookie into words- “If a s’more and an OREO had a baby, it would be this cookie.” The chocolate and marshmallow creme is sandwiched in between two graham cracker cookies making this an incredible alternative for the campfire dessert. It tastes just like a s’more and has quickly become a fan favorite.


The best part about these cookies is they are so convenient for game night. My kids love having s’mores whenever we are having game night outdoors. S’mores OREO Cookies give us all the s’mores flavor without the mess. No more marshmallow and chocolate-covered Candy Land pieces in this house! #MomWin.


My husband even loves having OREO Cookies while he has his “Nerd Dates” (as we lovingly call them). Sunday nights are his game night with his friends from all over the world and snacks are a main staple of his late-night game fests. Now if you ask me what they play, I definitely couldn’t tell you, something with magical creatures and fighting. He grabs a serving of OREO Cookies, a tall glass of cold milk, and enjoys some Daddy downtime in another world while this Mama binges on Netflix shows he would never want to see.


Now the S’mores OREO Cookies are only available for a limited time and I guarantee these will go fast! So make sure you head over to your local commissary today and grab a few packages of this delicious cookie and some milk for your game night!