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STEP UP AND SAVE with up to $32.00 in coupons!

Everyone loves saving money! Coupons, price matching, whatever it takes, we all search for those little bits that we can use to keep more money in our wallets! With the start of school, and the beginning of fall approaching, its time to think about the restocking of the medicine cabinets. Whether its allergies or pain relief, they have it all! I suffer from fall allergies, so restocking those meds are crucial, as well as making sure that all pain medications that might be needed for stiff hips and knees (thank you military service for these awesome reminders) are on hand. Weather changes can be rough for the first few days. I absolutely LOVE knowing that I can grab my favorite items, AND get them for fantastic prices!  Head to toe, we are covered! My husband and I both prefer different mouthwashes, but I can get his favorite with a coupon this month too! I will be grabbing a couple just to keep under the sink for him to use as he needs it.

Children Allergy meds are also needed in our house. For some reason, none of us suffer from spring or summer allergies, but the fall kills us every time. As most military families know, when you move it can take a few seasons to fully adjust to the new pollen your areas. While we have only been in our location for a year, we are still adjusting to the changing seasons (we actually get all four here), and all the new allergens that we have not been exposed to for the past six years. While we are excited to get out and explore even more, knowing that we are ready for anything takes a load off this mama’s mind.

Nasacort, Aspercreme, Icy Hot, Act Mouthwash, Allegra Allergy medicine (for adults and children), Gold Bond lotion, Kaopectate and MORE! Coupon city galore!  Whatever your favorite items are, there are over $32.00 in savings available! You will want to take advantage of these great coupons as well! Follow the link for STEP UP AND SAVE and download your coupons today. You can also text LIVE HAPPY to 811811 to receive your $10.00 rebate. Visit STEP UP AND SAVE for more details!. Two sweet ways to use these hot deals. These prices are good through the end of August, so you will want to take jump on them soon. Go forth and save!!