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Storm Front – Week 1

Harry Dresden is a detective. He is also a wizard. He is something of a consultant for the Chicago Police Department. He is also in trouble with the council of magic. The White Council is keeping a closer than normal eye on Harry Dresden, just waiting for him to make some trouble. Which makes you wonder what kind of trouble he has gotten into before?

The police have asked Harry to consult on a new case, and there is another case on Harry’s desk as well. He has been asked to find a missing husband. There is something going on, that Harry can’t quite figure out what is going on, or what Victor Sells might have been dabbling in. What he does know is that a Vampress is involved in the mix, and what Lt. Karen Murphy has asked him to do could get him into a lot of trouble. But just when he thinks he might be on a start, Morgan shows up. What shall happen now??


This week we are going to be reading Chapters 1-6:


1. Do you think you could take a wizard/detective seriously?

2. Johnny Marcone has offered Harry Dresden a substantial amount of money to “lose” interest in the case that Murphy is investigating. Why?

3. What seems to be missing do you think so far?


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