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The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell – Week 4

Now that Alex and Conner have parted ways with the mermaids, and have almost all of the items they require for the wishing spell, they are feeling very confident about getting home quickly. As they move through the land of stories, they realize that their roles there are not quite finished! The Evil Queen is still after the wishing spell, and the feud between Goldilocks and Red Riding Hood is about to come to its finale. The children still have yet to deal with the wolves that have been hunting them.

As they are captured and herded off toward the lair of the Evil Queen, Alex and Conner have no idea what will be in store for them. They are quite sure that they will not make it home at this point. But aren’t all fairy tales supposed to have a happy ending??

The story of the Evil Queen is about to be resolved and finally revealed, and also the mysterious disappearance of a certain prince. Alex and Conner are to be summoned into the presence of the fairy Godmother. But whatever could she want with them? There is just one more HUGE surprise to be revealed before the story is done..

This week we are reading Chapters 19-24


1. Do you think Alex and Conner will find all the items for the wishing spell?

2. The secret that the Evil Queen has been keeping is bigger than most realize. Were you surprised with her story?

3. It seems that most have a secret story in the Land of Stories, but what is Froggy hiding?

4. What did you think of the final surprise in the book!?

5. Did you enjoy the read????


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  • Oh my goodness!! We LOVED this read!! My boys and I laughed our way through this book. In fact, we had so much fun with it, book two appeared on our porch today!