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Storm Front – Week 4

Harry Dresden is about to pull out all the stops. He is so close to the answer, but Monica is refusing to talk. She is scared, but exactly what she is afraid of, Dresden has yet to figure out. When she finally starts talking, the pieces start to fall into place. Her husband, missing Victor Sells, is the mystery man behind the entire case. He is the one selling the Third Eye drug on the street, using Johnny Marcone’s own men to sell his drugs, and he is the killer.

Dresden is determined to catch him, but first he has to elude Karen Murphy. She has placed him under arrest! Even though she is hurt, she is putting her case first! Harry knows he has to get away and get to the lake house before the storm comes. If the storm hits, then he is done for. He will be dead before the council can convene to sentence him. From the frying pan to the fire, so to speak! Time is running out and the mystery is not yet finished…

But oh, what a case it has been! The adventure is not over yet folks!

Can Harry stop Victor Sells in time, clear his name with the council, and help Murphy close her case?


This week we are reading Chapters 21-27


  1. Monica Sells has been hiding something from Dresden from the beginning. What did you think of the twist that was thrown in?
  2. Morgan is convinced that Harry has done something wrong. Would it have been easier if Harry had just told him what was going on?
  3. What did you think of the book? Did Jim Butcher manage to exceed your expectations?

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