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Storyteller – Week 3

Jack has been elevated to the position of Royal Storyteller. King Alphonse has finally understood that Jack’s stories are not always fun, and that they sometimes have small bitter truths mixed in.But even in life, nothing is assured.  Stelinda and Jack have fallen in love, planned to marry, suffered the death of her father, and to top it off, her brother has pushed her off her throne and taken it for himself. Will Stelinda and Jack have what it takes to stop King Joss?

This week we are reading Chapters 46-70
1. Do you think Yoss will be a good king? 
2. Zephyrio is definitely more than he seems. As an illusionist, he can make things appear better than they actually are. What illusion is Zephyrio trying to accomplish?
3. Do you think Stelinda will find a way to stop her brother?


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