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August is here, and that means that we are all busy prepping for back to school! Summer has been flying by! Back to school shopping used to stress me out. There were so many things to consider, and it seemed like there was never enough time to get everything done and prepped before the first day was upon us. I don’t like last minute prep, so I start planning for the upcoming school year as soon as the current one ends.

While we take care of the basics; clothing, shoes, books, and supplies, there are often things that we overlook. SCHOOL LUNCHES! School lunches through the school system can get expensive. One of the things that I started prepping over the summer was laying up items that I can use in their lunches. When I found that Frito-Lay had their Classic Mix on sale I was so excited! The in-aisle savings boosted my overall savings at the commissary, and I managed to snag enough to get me through the first three months of school and after-school activities!

These bags are perfect for so many things! I have used them on our Boy Scout outings to ensure that everyone gets their favorite flavors, which when you are keeping hungry pre-teen boys happy can be quite a feat! But these Classic Mixes have been a life saver! I buy four bags when we head out on our camping trips, and they ensure that everyone from the youngest scouts to leaders are kept happy.

We have also relied on these for our car trips. When you are taking long car trips, stopping for snacks can add time to your journey. I began stocking up before we left, and I could pull the kids’ favorite flavors out and let them snack away to their heart’s desire. These Classic Mix bags are the ultimate treat for parents! Everyone is kept happy, and the fights over snacks will end.

Head on over to your local commissary and stock up today! Don’t let these savings pass you by! Prep for school lunches like a pro with help from Frito-Lay.