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Hot Deals with Pepsi!

It’s back to school month folks! Time to stock up on snack foods, home first aid kits, hygiene products, and lunch items! For us, we love to stock up on water for the troops not only for school lunches but to keep them hydrated after school. PEPSI has you in mind this month. They have some fantastic deals that will help you pack not only for school lunches but for after-school sports activities. Check out these hot deals below that you can find at your local Army and Air Force Exchange:


You get some serious hydrating power with these two! Keep kids and you hydrated throughout the day with AQUAFINA, and with athletes in mind, GATORADE to keep focused and hydrated throughout each activity. Keeping the electrolytes replenished is essential. When it comes to kids coming home sick from school, Gatorade is a fantastic help in keeping something on those tummies.

Aquafina is a great way to start your morning! Get up and keep those bodies happy, hydrated and motivated to do more throughout the day! Having water first thing in the morning has so many health benefits. For our school lunches, our kiddos prefer their Aquafina bottles, they can refill them throughout the day and keep them desk side if they get thirsty mid-class. Milk cartons and juice boxes can’t easily refill and most teachers frown upon open containers in class so Aquafina is a perfect alternative to quench that thirst and keep their bodies hydrated.

Replace what you sweat with GATORADE! The electrolytes in Gatorade have been scientifically formulated to help replace what you sweat out in practices and games. With fall and winter sports beginning, this is the perfect item to have on a hot deal!


For more amazing deals with PEPSI, be sure to visit us over at www.pepsimilitary.com!