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Support Your Head Health & Wellbeing!

Excedrin not only has your back when it comes to finding relief from painful migraines but also offers a drug-free product that supports your head’s overall well-being and health with Excedrin HeadCare!

This NEW product is formulated to support your head health and well-being with essential nutrients such as Caffeine, electrolytes, ginger, and theanine. Not only that, Excedrin Head Care also supports hydration, soothes the stomach, helps keep you focused, and helps you handle daily stressors.

The best part? You can find this NEW product at your local Commmissary on SALE through the month of February!

HeadCare Replenish + Focus 16 Ct- $7.79

HeadCare Replenish + Sleep 16 Ct- $7.79

HeadCare Proactive 6 Ct- $7.79

So be sure to head to your Commmissary during February to save on Excedrin’s NEWEST product, Excedrin HeadCare!

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