Aliens on Vacation – Week Four

D-Day has arrived at Grandma’s house. The Sheriff and a large group of people are waiting outside. Having given the house an hour to come outside peacefully, the crowd waits with growing anticipation. Having requested the Intergalactic Police Force, Scrub, Grandma and Mr. Harnox are inside, trying to remain calm and figure out what to […]

Aliens on Vacation – Week Three

Just when Scrub thinks things can’t get any worse over the summer, they do. ¬†Sheriff Tate has let Scrub know that he is going to close down Grandma’s business, no matter what. Scrub knows that he is to blame. But, when he gets home to let Grandma know what is going on, there is a […]

Aliens On Vacation – Week Two

Scrub has just figured out the truth about Grandma’s house, and its one of the biggest secrets that he has ever been asked to keep. Not only, does he have to keep the truth on what is going on quiet, but he is supposed to help the aliens that are coming to visit blend into […]

Aliens on Vacation – Week One

Scrub has been sent to his grandmothers house for the summer, and when he arrives, he feels as though he must have fallen off the face of the planet. Washington State is the farthest he has ever been from home, and he is angry with his parents for dumping him where he knows no one, […]