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Aliens on Vacation – Week One

Scrub has been sent to his grandmothers house for the summer, and when he arrives, he feels as though he must have fallen off the face of the planet. Washington State is the farthest he has ever been from home, and he is angry with his parents for dumping him where he knows no one, and cant even get cell phone reception to keep in touch with his friends.

His first impression of the house is that he must have arrived at the wrong location, but somehow deep down, he has the sinking feeling that this not going to be any normal location. A quick glimpse of the guests, or what he supposes are the guests, at his grandmothers bed and breakfast is not quite what he had pictured. Somehow, its wrong… something is not right. They have strange habits and quirky ways of acting that is just not how normal people are, but he chalks it up to being in Washington and people trying to embrace the entire “extraterrestrial” experience. It is not until Mr. Harnox’s weird snacking habits are exposed that Grandma is forced to tell Scrub what is really going on, and why he is truly there.


This week we are reading Chapters 1-7


  1. Scrub is angry at having to leave home for the summer. Would you feel the same way?
  2. With the strangeness going on at the bed and breakfast Scrub feels as though he must be the only sane one around. Do you think you would think you were losing your mind as well?




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