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Aliens On Vacation – Week Two

Scrub has just figured out the truth about Grandma’s house, and its one of the biggest secrets that he has ever been asked to keep. Not only, does he have to keep the truth on what is going on quiet, but he is supposed to help the aliens that are coming to visit blend into their surroundings. At first, it is a rather awkward job, and he is unsure of himself, but he quickly gains the confidence he needs to help Grandma around the house. Mr. Harnox is one of the guests that can leave the house and walk around without arousing to much suspicion, although his height is cause for a lot of speculation, especially from the town sheriff, Mr. Tate.

Sheriff Tate knows that something is going on at Grandma’s bed and breakfast, but so far he has been unable to figure out what exactly that something is. Amy, on the other hand, likes to drop in and ask a lot of questions. Scrub has a hard time knowing how to answer her sometimes. Making new friends is hard, but it is even harder when said new friend is a girl. There is an entire new set of rules!

But with all new friends, sometimes things will go wrong. After a terrible breakfast, Amy quits talking to Scrub. He feels terrible, but he was doing what he could to keep her from finding out the truth about the “tourists” that are visiting the area. After all, if anyone finds out what is going on, Grandma will get shut down. Scrub almost blows it when he and Mr. Harnox play a game of basketball with some of the local boys… but the troubles for Grandma are just beginning…

This week we are reading Chapters 7-14


  1. Scrub is learning all about the business from Grandma, but its a lot to take in. Do you think you could keep the aliens a secret?
  2. Amy is sure curious about the goings-on at Grandma’s. Do you think she knows a bit more than she is letting on?
  3. Scrub is determined to do a good job for Grandma, but is very unsure of himself. How would you feel if you had a job like that?




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