MMS April Book Club Choices!

Good day dear readers! What a month we have had! Most people are getting slammed by snow (I am watching the snow fall as I type), and this winter has been anything but normal. This means it is perfect weather to sit and curl up with some great reads! We are journeying through some fun […]

Finding old memories and building dreams

We all had those favorite books as kids. The ones that we could read over and over and never get tired of. Recently, while I was teaching a class, I was telling some of my students about a few of the books that I read as a kid that inspired a lifelong interest. While I […]

Saving Post Libraries..

Does your post have a library!? I am almost willing to bet it does! Most of them are small, and hardly used for anything more than internet access for some soldiers and the occasional person who might wander in to get some research for something they are working on. BUT, I have to tell you, […]

Finding your own Wonderland…

As we were growing up, we all had those stories that we absolutely loved and wanted to disappear into. I never had one book that I defined as a favorite, but there were several that I could have happily lived in! While going through tough times, it is easy to want to fall back into […]

National Library Week is HERE!!

I love libraries.. I love books.. heck, I love the SMELL of books! The libraries that we have today are slowly being forced to downsize, and some are even having to close and merge with other libraries! This leads to constant book shortages. Since the 1950s, there has been a trend of fewer and fewer […]