Finding your own Wonderland…

As we were growing up, we all had those stories that we absolutely loved and wanted to disappear into. I never had one book that I defined as a favorite, but there were several that I could have happily lived in! While going through tough times, it is easy to want to fall back into […]

National Library Week is HERE!!

I love libraries.. I love books.. heck, I love the SMELL of books! The libraries that we have today are slowly being forced to downsize, and some are even having to close and merge with other libraries! This leads to constant book shortages. Since the 1950s, there has been a trend of fewer and fewer […]

BE A HERO!! Donate your used books now!!

We all have THOSE books laying around. The ones that you are never going to read again, but you are not quite sure where to put them. has partnered with OPERATION PAPERBACK, which donates books to MILITARY overseas! How awesome is that!? Now here is a worthy cause to donate those books too!! You […]

When all else fails, RETREAT…

.. To your local library or bookstore! Have you ever walked into a bookstore and wondered what undiscovered adventures waited for you!? We all have our favorite authors, and the go-to reads that we fall back on, but there are times when you have to take a chance and look for something that you have […]