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Welcome to the January addition for our book club! I love the New Year! The promise of new and exciting things, and the chance to start over on others – its just perfect. Wipe the slate clean and start again. I have been swamped in getting books organized and cleaning through the ones that I know I will never use again. Since my college days, I have been slowly building my own research library and it has become very handy with some projects that I have undertaken. However,I have a lot of books that are just sitting, that really will never be used again. Whether they are books that I have read, or ones that I have been given, some books will not be used enough to warrant keeping them.

I have managed to pull out several boxes of books for donation, and they are off to our base library to be integrated. But – I found some books I had forgotten! Have you ever pulled a book out and realized just how much you enjoyed it? I found a book that I had loved in my childhood, just waiting to be rediscovered one day. I have been reading it out loud to my kids, bringing in a new generation to enjoy the same material I did.

But on with the new – did you catch the reading challenge we posted? Reading challenges are a great way to pull new books into your sphere, and try out some authors that maybe you would not have attempted at all. Stepping out of the comfort zone we build around our reading is really difficult. There are certain books that we know we will enjoy no matter what, so finding those new authors or genre’s we are not super familiar with can be a little daunting. There is one for adults and one for kids. This month we are on some grand adventures! Nancy Drew takes the kiddos along on her very first case in the The Secret of the Old ClockAdults in the meantime, are tangled in the webs that are so deftly woven by Agatha Christie, as we attempt to find the killer in Murder on the Orient ExpressBoth of these books are fantastic, and destined to give the readers a journey they will not soon forget!


February promises to be just as exciting with our book choices. Adults are going to be reading Bread or Death by Milton Kleinberg. Meanwhile, the kids are going to adventure through the attic once more in The Battle For The Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop. Happy Reading!