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Fast Tracking February

Good day dear readers! I hope that this month has been treating you well so far! It has been a busy one everywhere, but strangely satisfying in the busyness. While I enjoy a little downtime on the weekends, the weekdays have had us all running from the time we get up until we drop into bed. Why is it that having a shorter months means it is quite a bit crazier than the norm? Somehow, in all of this, I have managed to keep up (and surpass) the reading goals that I had set this month.

Several months ago, we debated audio books vs. actual books. I still debate this with myself at times, but I have actually found a few that I have thoroughly enjoyed. We have enjoyed some of the Amelia Peabody books here on the blog, and I have found that several of them are in audio book form. I have been “reading” through them while I work around the house. I will admit that my husband finally put his foot down on my listening to these books while doing my evening reading in bed before I sleep. Apparently, my muffled laughter kept waking him up, so this reading has been banned. A small price to pay, as I will pick them up the next morning while working on the dishes.

I don’t know about you, my dear readers, but books tend to keep me calm when life blows up. Books allow me to escape the harsh reality for a bit, and journey through so many different places. My wanderlust has been in full blown  mode lately, but travel gets expensive. From the comfort of my couch, I have undertaken many journeys, through many different times. One of the journeys that I am on right now, has me back in the sands of Egypt – searching for the lost queen Nefertiti. Although this one is written by Egyptologist Dr. Joann Fletcher (and therefore I slow my reading so as not to miss any information), I have had a hard time putting it down! FANTASTIC! I cannot be selfish with my reading though, so I am working on a few books with by boys as well, and of course, reading through the selections that we have this month.

I have not gotten as far as I would have hoped in this month’s selection. The material is a bit heavy, so I am having to take it in smaller sections and digest the information a bit. We will be discussing this on the Live Chat on the 26th. We will also be diving into the kids read for the month, The Battle for the Castle, and discussing that. As always, I hope that you are enjoying the selections.

Next month, we are going to undertake a couple of very enjoyable adventures. We will be back with Chester and Harold, our favorite pet detectives, in “The Celery Stalks At Midnight,” while the adults are going to catch up with the archaeologists/crime fighting Emerson family in “The Mummy Case.” Join us for some fun, laughs, and excitements as we undertake these new books.

“Bunnicula is missing! Chester is convinced all the world’s vegetables are in danger of being drained of their life juices and turned into zombies. Soon he has Harold and Howie running around sticking toothpicks through hearts of lettuce and any other veggie in sight. Of course, Chester has been known to be wrong before…but you can never be too careful when there’s a vampire bunny at large!” (via goodreads.com on The Celery Stalks At Midnight)

“Disgusted when he is denied access to the pyramids of Dahshoor and assigned to a “rubble heap,” Emerson finds his curiosity piqued when an antiquities dealer is murdered and a mummy case disappears.” (via goodreads.com on The Mummy Case)