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Marching Forward In Our Books..

March continues to move quickly, and while I am sure that I have slept at least once, this month will… just…. not….slow…. down! It has literally been a juggling act from the first day of the month. I have been trying to slow down and get some reading in, but there are days that as I crawl into bed, I realize I didn’t touch a book at all!

Lights at night bother my spouse, so I have been keeping my kindle charged, which makes the reading easier. I can dim the background light and lay there and read for an hour or so – okay, honestly, till the kindle falls and hits me in the face! Book hangovers are real! I suffer from them constantly! It can make my days very interesting, especially when it comes to dealing with the kiddos, however, book hangovers are not likely to go away real soon. I will continue to push my limits and read until sleep demands I give in.

The adventures this month are so much fun! I hope that you are enjoying them as much as we are! My kiddos are enjoying The Celery Stalks at Midnight, and I am laughing my way through The Mummy Case. We are going to continue the grand adventures in our upcoming reads! I hope that you saw the email! If you are not subscribed to the book club email, GET IT NOW! We showcase the upcoming reads, and of course, any news or tidbits that we can share with you! Here is something to wrap your heads around – we are reading the 44th choices for the MMS book club!! Can you believe that we have been going for over three years already? There are so many awesome books to share, and while time is flying, we are enjoying the many lives we are living through the pages of books.

Don’t forget to grab our new reads! Adults are going to be reading My Cousin Rachel, while the kiddos are going to adventure with From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Both promise to be excellent! Happy reading!