MMS book club

We have had some grand adventures in our Book Club here at MMS so far! There are so many great books to share, and many that deserve a lot more attention than they get. Here at the MMS Book Club, we get to share in fun journeys and fill our book passports. How exciting is […]

Breeze through the August reads…

July is blowing through like a furnace here! It is a perfect opportunity to take some time in the afternoon and cool off while reading a great book!! I have loved the quiet bits of the afternoon when the kids are both reading, and time seems to slow down for a while. But of course, […]

June’s MMS Book Club Reads

Summer weather is in full swing, and those hot summer afternoons are just begging for some reading time. Grab some fun books and lets kick back for some grand new adventures! Don’t forget the grand journeys we are on right now! Adults are going to dive into the fabulous Welsh series by Sharon Kay Penman […]