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Fall In Love With History With “The Reckoning”

Good day, dear readers!

I am sitting here checking and rechecking the calendar. I am not sure how we are already beginning the month of March. I keep thinking we should only be in the second week of February. But, here we are, and on we march (no pun intended).

This month, we are reading The Listening Woman by Tony Hillerman. Hillerman’s books are amazing, and they really hold your attention throughout. He has an entire series, and we will work them in here and there, but there are always so many good books – it can be hard to choose what to share each month!

April is going to arrive before we are ready, but that also means that it will be time to begin a new book! I am really excited about this next one! We have read a few books by this author already, and I have a few more that I am excited to work into our lineup as well. The sad news is that this author recently passed, and there will be no new books to look forward to. Sharon Kay Penman is one of the foremost historical fiction writers, and her books were always impeccably researched. We read the first two books of her Welsh Prince trilogy, and now, we are going to read the last one. The Reckoning is an adventure in itself, and this book is going to make you feel as though you are with the Welsh prince Llewellyn on his struggle to keep England out of Wales.

Book Excerpt from The Reckoning

“Penman’s characters are so shrewdly imagined, so full of resonant human feeling that they seem to be on the page….Most compelling is the portrait of the Welsh as wild and rugged as their landscape.”
Here, alive from the pages of history, is the compelling tale of a Celtic society ruled by Llewelyn, Prince of Wales, on a collision course with a feudal realm of Edward I. With this last book in the extraordinary trilogy that began with HERE BE DRAGONS and continued in FALLS THE SHADOW, Sharon Kay Penman has written a beautiful and moving conclusion to her medieval saga. For everyone who has read the earlier books in this incomparable series or ever wanted to experience the rich tapestry of British history and lore, this bold and romantic adventure must be read.

The Reckoning