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Join the Adventure of the “Listening Woman” With Us

Good day, dear readers! This year has started off with some crazy weather, but there are always books waiting for us! With the many different adventures that we can undertake with our reading, it is no wonder that there is no shortage of books to share!

Currently, we are reading “The Last Camel Died At Noon” by Elizabeth Peters, and this family cracks me up! I love this series, and I am truly hoping that you are enjoying it as well. Peabody and Emerson are such a pair, and their adventures only get better with each book!

I think our next book is going to be another grand adventure as well. Tony Hillerman created a thrilling series, and these books are fabulous! I look forward to sharing this book with you! Let’s dive into another grand adventure! This is one that you are going to want to share with all your friends, too!

Excerpt from Listening Woman:

The blind shaman called Listening Woman speaks of witches and restless spirits, of supernatural evil unleashed. But Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo Tribal Police is sure the monster who savagely slaughtered an old man and a teenage girl was human. The solution to a horrific crime is buried somewhere in a dead man’s secrets and in the shocking events of a hundred years past. To ignore the warnings of a venerable seer, however, might be reckless foolishness when Leaphorn’s investigation leads him farther away from the comprehensible . . . and closer to the most brutally violent confrontation of his career.


Listening Woman