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Discover the Adventure of “The Winter Room”

Good day, young readers! What a wonderful start to the year that we have had! There has been some interesting weather, and I hope that you got to enjoy a snow day or two in your area.

This month, we are reading Coraline, by Neil Gaiman. What an adventure so far! I am really enjoying reading through this one, and I hope that you are going to enjoy it too!  The adventure that Coraline is going to uncover is going to be epic. If you have seen the movie, I would love to hear if you enjoyed the book or the movie more! I usually find that the book has quite a bit more included. It would be hard to fit everything into a movie, but books can really fire up the imagination!

April is going to be here before we know it, and that means that we get to reveal our next book! In the month of April, we are going to read The Winter Room by Gary Paulsen. I have included the book blurb below, giving you some information on it, but it looks to be an amazing book! I hope you join us for this read!

Book Excerpt from The Winter Room

The winter room is where Eldon, his brother Wayne, old Uncle David, and the rest of the family gather on icy cold nights, sitting in front of the stove. There the boys listen eagerly to all of Uncle David’s tales of superheroes.

Then one night Uncle David tells the story, “The Woodcutter,” and what happens next is terrible—then wonderful.

The Winter Room