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The Blessing Way – Week 3

Dr. McKee knows something is not right. He has spent the entire night trying to evade the person looking for him. To top it all off, Ellen Leon is supposed to be arrived to talk to Dr. Canfield as well. He knows that he has to get to her and get them out of the canyon before something else happens. With Dr. Canfield still missing, he is not sure just what is going on.

Joe Leaphorn is still investigating the mysterious death of Luis Horseman, and may have finally gotten his first solid lead. The brother of Luis, Billy, has been tracking the supposed “ghost” and got a glimpse of the car that was being driven. He even remembered the tire pattern from the car! But Billy tells Leaphorn about something else. The person responsible has been injuring and killing livestock. Seeing that it is a crime on the reservation for cruelty against animals, he knows that he has more to go on now.

Dr. McKee is able to meet up with Ellen, but his appearance scares her. She thinks that he is out of his mind talking about the danger that they are in, and fakes a sprained ankle to get out of going any farther with him. While searching the nearby area, he comes across the body of Dr. Canfield. He knows that they have to get out of the canyon, and get word to someone. Ellen tries to get away, but he catches up with her, shortly before they are overtaken by the man who was in his tent the night before. As they are bound and searched, she begins to realize that he is not suffering from a concussion and the danger he was going on about was real.

Now they are taken to the place where the Navajo and the man he is working with are headquartered. There the Navajo demands that Dr. McKee write a letter. There is something in the land they are wanting, something that is going to make them a lot of money. Dr. McKee knows its just a matter of time before they end up dead…

This week we are reading Chapters 12-14


  1. Why did Ellen Leon not believe Dr. McKee about the danger they were in?
  2. McKee knows that something deeper is going on than just a letter that needs to be written. Is there anyway to buy more time?
  3. Now that Joe Leaphorn has some solid leads on the Wolf Man will the investigation burst open?