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The Day I Noticed The Signs

Well I didn’t get to do a video blog today because my nausea is kicking in full force again and so I feel horrible and I look it too. However, we got a spot of good news last week. We have been waiting on Zion’s speech evaluation to go through and we were notified last week that it finally had! Now we just need to wait to be scheduled for an actual evaluation. Zion babbles so much and most of his words are not clear, so I am fairly confident that he will fully qualify for speech services. I also put in a request for his Occupational Therapy that was recommended to us for his sensory issues. His Developmental Therapist (Ms. HeHe) got a new job so her last day with Zion was Friday. However, she informed us that she got his a very good replacement. His new therapist is actually his group leader from his group therapy on Tuesdays. She works very well with Zion so he should be excited to work with her!

So Thursday we went to the Children’s Museum and Zion had so much fun interacting with all the things there. Friday, Zion went with a babysitter because Jeremiah’s best friend was in town and took us to dinner in downtown Boston. He did awesome at the babysitter!! I was so proud of him. And then Saturday he actually participated in the entire soccer practice!! He did the warm up, ran the lap, and did the drills. I was so excited. He even followed another little boy around and tried to play. My heart was super happy! Then this week, Jeremiah’s brother came into town and we have been going all over. Yesterday we visited Salem, MA. Zion didn’t really care about what was there but he ran around and played his little heart out. He was also called a 3 year old, lol! Zion is pretty tall, people have a hard time believing he is 2.

Something I forgot to mention last week, because of Zion’s sensory issues, they believe there could be a link to ADHD. Now, because he is only 2, it is hard to make that link right now. The Psychologist told me that as his social responsibilities grow, these sensory “quirks” could cause more problems. Zion does have a lot of energy, but I chalk that up to being 2 years old and so does the Psychologist. However, she said that is why Speech and OT are recommended to try and resolve these issues now. If they are allowed to continue on, then they will start to affect him as he gets older and is placed in bigger social places (such as school).

As always questions, comments, feedback: amanda@mymilitarysavings.com I am always interested in hearing other people’s stories. I love to know that we aren’t allow in this little sensory community! See you next week!! 





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