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The Day I Noticed The Signs

Ok so I wanted to include some information I came across in an article this past week. I have to be honest, I read this article and not only saw so much of Zion, but it was like I saw his future. That is why I have been such a huge advocate for him and getting him the resources to help him. I want to provide this information and the link to the article because I feel like there may be other parents out there that are struggling with these issues and may not understand that there could be underlying causes.

When the Psychologist told me that Zion’s sensory issues could be eventually be linked to ADHD I at first thought no way and kind of laughed it off. However, since Zion was above the mild range for Autism I have started to look at him a little more. I don’t think he has Autism, however I do think there is something else going on. His transition behaviors, repetitive behaviors, and lack of social affection in my opinion are not normal. I read this article and I started to realize hmmm, maybe these sensory issues are a gateway that are leading to something else. I understand that he is only 2 (plus 4 months) and so ADHD may sound ridiculous, but as the Psychologist also noted, these behaviors and sensory issues could become more severe when Zion is placed into bigger social responsibility situations, i.e. school.

While sensory processing issues are not a learning disorder or official diagnosis, they can make it hard for children to succeed at school. Here are some of the overly sensitive characteristics and I noted the ones Zion exhibits (he has some from both sides):

  • Be unable to tolerate bright lights and loud noises like ambulance sirens (Zion)
  • Refuse to wear clothing because it feels scratchy or irritating-even after cutting out all the tags and labels-or shoes because they feel “too tight.”
  • Be distracted by background noises that others don’t seem to hear
  • Be fearful of surprise touch, and avoid hugs and cuddling even with familiar adults (Zion)
  • Be overly fearful of swings and playground equipment
  • Often have trouble knowing where their body is in relation to other objects or people
  • Bump into people and things and appear clumsy (Zion)
  • Have trouble sensing the amount of force they’re applying; for example, they may rip the paper when erasing, pinch too hard or slam down objects (Zion)
  • Run off, or bolt, when they’re overwhelmed to get away from whatever is distressing them
  • Have extreme meltdowns when overwhelmed (Zion)

Under sensitive characteristics:

  • Have a constant need to touch people or textures, even when it’s not socially acceptable
  • Not understand personal space even when kids the same age are old enough to understand it
  • Have an extremely high tolerance for pain (Zion)
  • Not understand their own strength (Zion)
  • Be very fidgety and unable to sit still (Zion)
  • Love jumping, bumping and crashing activities (Zion)
  • Enjoy deep pressure like tight bear hugs
  • Crave fast, spinning and/or intense movement (Zion)
  • Love being tossed in the air and jumping on furniture and trampolines (Zion)

Here is the link to the full article that I feel should definitely be read: http://www.childmind.org/en/posts/articles/2014-4-28-how-sensory-processing-issues-affect-kids-school

I know this blog was all information it seems but I feel like this is important. But on to Zion’s week.. Zion’s uncle was in town this week and he actually had a great time with him. We took him all around Boston and showed him how beautiful the city is. Also Zion went as Batman for Halloween and I was so PROUD of him!! He wore his costume (the mask he didn’t want on his face), attempted to say trick-or treat at all the house, and even said thank you and bye when he left! Zion’s speech evaluation is tomorrow (11/5/15) so I will update on that next week. Still waiting for the OT evaluation and his new developmental therapist starts tomorrow as well.

I really hope you enjoyed the information that I gave today. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any question or comments: amanda@mymilitarysavings.com  I am in no way a doctor but I love to hear from other parents. Our little ones are so unique and I just want others to know they aren’t alone! See you next week!! 

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