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The Great Brain – Week 4

With the beginning of the school year, new teacher has come to the small town that Tom and John live in. Gone are the days of a understanding teacher, and in her place is a new teacher. This teacher believes in spankings in the school house instead of allowing the parents to mete out the punishments needed for the pranks kids pull. When someone lets loose a frog, the guilty party does not come forward. When Tom defends another boy against the charge, he is punished by the teacher when he refuses to tell who the culprit was. Tom vows that he will get revenge on the teacher for it, and so puts his great brain to work to figure out how he is going to get rid of the teacher. When his plan goes into effect, the teacher is fired immediately from his position. But the teacher tells Tom’s father that he is innocent, and the story starts to come out, Papa and Mamma are appalled. They cannot believe their son has gone to such great lengths to get rid of a teacher for a mere spanking. Tom is yanked before the school board and forced to tell them what he has done. With the incident behind them, the teacher reverts to the system that Ms. Thatcher had used.

But now Tom has to use his great brain for something better. One of their friends has lost his leg  and so Tom is determined to help him get his childhood back. Tom spends weeks teaching him how to run, play the games they used to play and how to redo his chores. But as always, he has something Tom wants. Tom has made a deal with him to reteach him everything, if he will give him his erector set. Tom sees money when it comes to anything! But when it is all said and done, it seems that Tom has had a change of heart, but is it possible!? Could he have reformed and changed his ways?

This week we are reading Chapters 7-8


  1. Ms. Thatcher was a favorite of all the kids. Do you think the kids would have disliked any teacher that replaced her?
  2. Tom has devised a way to get rid of the teacher, what did you think of his plan?
  3. Who do you think really burned down the school house!?