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The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling – Week 4

Well the Christmas party seems to be moving along quite nicely, and the three Incorrigible’s are behaving themselves perfectly!! But, as we said before, what can go wrong… will! As the children move through the party and the entertainment begins, Sir Fredrick still has not made an appearance, and Lady Constance is starting to show the strain of the stress that she has been under. The Schottische goes smoothly, well, as smoothly as it can with Lady Constance not able to support herself, and the children show that they have mastered the dance. The guests who arrived to see the “wild children” are a little disappointed with how well behaved they are. When they Thespian group starts to perform, Lady Constance is shocked at the tableau’s that they have chosen to present. When they produce evidence of a letter that they were given, she is distressed and demands that the entertainment stop.

The children then decide to share their own version of a tableau, and impress the guests a bit more. Everything is going fine.. until a squirrel manages to get into the ballroom. With that unforeseen event, the children go from well behaved to howling and running after the poor squirrel. The entire party is thrown into an uproar and guests are scrambling to stay out of the way of the children as they tear through the room chasing the squirrel. After Mrs. Clarke lets the squirrel out of the ballroom and into the house, the children tear after it, and leave the guests to pick themselves back up. Penelope goes after the children. She knows that they are in the house somewhere, and she must find them before anyone else. There are a few of the guests who are talking about organizing a searching party, and have armed themselves with weapons. Her need to find the kids before anyone is even greater now!

When she finally finds them in the fourth floor attic, she is alerted to a sound in the wall by the Incorrigible’s who are quite determined that someone is stuck in the wall, howling, and is trying to get out.  Is she going to be able to save her job and help the Incorrigible’s? Will she be fired? And where in the world is Sir Frederick!?

This week we are reading Chapters 13-epilogue


  1. Do you think the children shocked people by knowing a little Latin?
  2. Penelope is frightened that the men are going to hunt down the children so she sends them on a wild goose chase. Would you have done the same thing?
  3. Do you think Penelope will lose her job? Will the children be sent to an orphanage?





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