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The Last Kingdom – Week 2

Good day dear readers! What a journey we are going to undertake this week! It promises to be one full of adventure and suspense! Settle down with your books, crack them open, and immerse yourself in the world of the Danes!


Uhtred is still living among the Danes, and growing stronger and stronger each year. While he sometimes questions his loyalty to Ragnar, he is content with his life at that point. He has freedom, the trust of Earl Ragnar, and is learning everything but reading and writing, which is every boys dream. While the armies of the Danes and the Saxons meet on the field to discuss terms, Beocca sees Uhtred and comes to talk to him. He is glad that he is safe and growing. Beocca escaped their home in Bebbanburg, to join the army of Prince Alfred, but he also took something extremely important – the will of Uhtred’s father. The will leaves the ealdorship to Uhtred, but his uncle has usurped his place. While his uncle is claiming lordship over the land, he has also married his father’s widow, and they are expecting a child. All of this shocks Uhtred, but there is nothing that he can do about it – for the time being.

The Danish army continues to move through the land, pillaging and claiming territories. To this point, all of the luck seems to have been with the Danish army. The kingdoms are falling one by one, and the time is coming when the last stronghold, the kingdom of Wessex will count among its number. Looting and claiming lands as they go, the Danish army is beginning to feel over confident, and they are sure that they cannot lose. Their gods seem to be with them, while the god of the Saxons must have turned his back on them. The news that Danish settlers have been slaughtered leads the army to ransack several of the monasteries and nunneries that were responsible for the killing of the settlers.

As the army continues its movement, Uhtred is confronted with the assassin that his uncle has sent to kill him. Weland is determined to kill him, so that AElfric, can claim the title to the ealdorship of Bebbanburg. The attempt is unsuccessful, and Weland escapes to head back toward Bebbanburg, knowing that if he were to return to Ragnar, he would be made to pay for and suffer, for the attempt on Uhtred’s life. The prize of Wessex is beckoning, and the Danes are laying their plans for the taking of the kingdom. They are planning to attack in winter, when most armies are home and sheltered from the weather, but this time, the Saxon army seems to have guessed their intentions, as they find the army waiting for them on more than one occasion. This victory is not going to come as easily….

This week we are reading Chapters 3-5


  1. Why does Uhtred continue to stay instead of trying to get over to his own people?
  2. Do you think the offer to ransom him was a good idea?
  3. Do you agree with the way he dealt with Weland, and then his uncle?