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The Memory of Us – Week 2

Julianne has thrown herself back into school, trying to erase every memory of Kyle, but he is not so easy to forget. When Roger calls he offers the perfect escape, but try as she might, she is not as into the relationship as he seems to be. She continues for a while hoping that her feelings might change, but when they don’t, she lets him down as easily as she can. When she returns home for the Christmas break, she gets a surprise from her mother that she was not expecting. Mrs. Westcott has hired Kyle to decorate their home for a wedding that will be held in their home.

Julianne is over the moon, but she is unable to contain her excitement at being in the company of Kyle again. Their time together grows, as she begins to help with his father. Mr. McCarthy is sick but refuses to see a doctor. Julianne offers to visit and see if she can determine what is wrong, but the news is not good. She does her best to keep his spirits up, but she breaks the news gently to him that his end is near. After the death of his father, Kyle makes his feelings for Julianne known. She is ecstatic, but is afraid to tell her parents about him. Her mother has forbidden any relationship between them, but Julianne is stubborn. She continues to defy her mothers wishes, and see Kyle without anyone knowing, but secrets can only be kept so long…

This week we are reading Chapters 8-16


  1. Julianne’s friend has been the voice of caution when it comes to her feelings for Kyle. Is there anything different she would have done?
  2. Why is her mother so intent on creating her future for her?
  3. What character do you find yourself liking/disliking so far?