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Finding your own Wonderland…

As we were growing up, we all had those stories that we absolutely loved and wanted to disappear into. I never had one book that I defined as a favorite, but there were several that I could have happily lived in!

While going through tough times, it is easy to want to fall back into a book setting and wish that you could be anywhere else than where you are. We can sometimes convince ourselves that this is just part of growing up, and using the imagination, but sometimes as adults, we still need to cling to that imaginary world! Life has a way of getting crazy and overwhelming once in a while (okay, most days if you are a parent), but we have to find those avenues of escaping the ordinary. So whether you keep a favorite book stashed in the pantry (cause we need snacks too), the bathroom (under the sink is a great hiding spot), or just a few scattered around your living room or bedroom – make sure you have the means to journey into another place when you feel your stress level rising! You can transform your laundry room into a battlefield, turn that toy-filled living room into an obstacle course while evading an angry ogre, or twirl around the kitchen like a prince/princess in disguise. It does not matter what you choose, just let yourself float to that happy place and devour a couple of books in the process! If you prefer audio books over printed books, that is okay too! Books today are so much more accessible than they used to be! With the library systems now doing loans without even having to step foot inside its doors, you can access those reads anywhere! Electronic reading devices, books on CD, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!

What escape route will you choose!?