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Throne of Fire – Week 1

Sadie and Carter are back for another magnificent adventure! They are attempting to stop the god Apophis from escaping its prison and wreaking havoc on the entire world. The Kane siblings have a plan to slip into a museum and find a statue that somehow contains a clue to how they can defeat the god and hopefully keep the world from chaos. But, of course, as with all of their plans, nothing seems to go as planned. First, they find that instead of being closed and empty, there is a wedding party going on inside the museum. So much for stealth and planning right? But their troubles are not over yet. As soon as they find the clue, a flame begins to spread around the scroll and Sadie’s hand, spreads throughout the museum and follows them as they make their escape back to their enchanted mansion that is magically hidden from being seen. Their ultimate plan is to awaken the god Ra, as he is the one god that Apophis fears.

Each of the Kane siblings has had a vision that shows what could happen, and what some of the things that are coming at them. Neither of them are really sure about what they are going to do about the current issues facing them, but Sadie has planned a day off, and is now on her way to England to see her friends and grandparents, before the mission starts and they are not sure what the outcome might be.

Carter is not happy that his sister is taking off, but what can you do with teenage sisters? But something is wrong with her visit…

This week we are reading Chapters 1-6


  1. Is there anything that the Kane siblings could have done different at the museum?
  2. Why would the first Nome be considering allowing a hit on the Kane siblings? Is there something that they fear more than the chaos about to be released?
  3. Is Sadie being selfish for taking a day off for her birthday?