The Memory of Us – Week 1

Good day readers! Buckle up for a ride that will have you running the full circle of emotions. This books goes back and forth with narration. One minute you will be in the present, and then memories take over and the story runs parallel. Sit back and enjoy this well written book!


Julianne Westcott is being groomed by her mother to become the new darling of society. But its not really what Julianne wants. She has been pulling away from her parents, and learning that there are some secrets that even family’s do not share. By accident she stumbles across a secret that sends  her on a mission. She discovers that she is not an only child, but has a brother who has been put into a home. She begins to visit and getting to know her brother. Charles is blind and deaf, and seems to sometimes get the short end of the stick with some of the staff. Her parents never visit, or mention the existence of Charles, but Julianne is discovering the bond of siblings. While visiting, she notices a young man helping Charles, and begins to find out more about him from one of the nurses at the home. As her infatuation with the young man grows, she learns that he is meant to become a priest and that any future she might dream of together with him is not allowed. But as she gets to know Kyle, she cannot think of anyone else.

She is busy making plans of her own. She is attending the University later that year to become a nurse and she hopes that the time away will help to relieve the memories of Kyle, were it not for the night that they sat in the barn together. The night of the festival is meant to be her moment. THE moment that she can shine as herself and not just a product of her mothers grooming. As the young men line up to bid on each girl to win a date, Julianne spots Kyle in the crowd. He bids on everyone before her, but walks away when her name is called. Little does she know what the future will hold…

This week we are reading Chapters 1-7


  1. How might you have reacted when you discovered a hidden sibling?
  2. Julianne has everything that a girl could want, so why is she so determined to get away from what her mother has planned for her?
  3. What do you think of Kyle’s devotion to Charles?