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Reading is not only for pleasure..

Good day dear readers! It has been a while since we had a visit on the blog other than our book blogs for each week! As we move through our books, we find fun, thrills, a pick me up, or a good cry (especially when the book ends). Reading has always been a huge passion, but sometimes I find myself learning things that I never thought I would pick up from books! That is a unexpected bonus when it comes to books.

While we work through each of our reads, and even books that we pick up for personal enjoyment, there are always little bits of information tucked inside that we might miss otherwise. There are a handful of books that I keep on my shelf for re-reading. I am not talking about those reference books we all keep, (although I am sure that my husband would be happy to see some of those go as well), but those books that we love to go back to and just read for fun, or thrills. We all have those favorite authors that we go back to time and time again, or pray for new releases on a regular basis. Have you ever sat down and read a book again and found something you missed the first time through? Did you discover a new emotion you missed, or something that just jumped off the pages at you?

Some of my go-to authors are Sharon Kay Penman, Jim Butcher, Camille di Maio, Samantha Wilcoxson, and Elizabeth Peters. I have a very wide taste in reading, so I try to get a little of everything, but history and historical fiction are some of my absolute favorites. I try and get my students to understand sometimes, especially those that do not like history, that sometimes reading something a bit different can open your eyes to new possibilities and new ideas. Every now and again, I can get a couple of them to admit that some reading can be fun, and while it may not be their passion like it is mine, I have opened the door for them to expand upon a subject that we are learning.

But lets get back to those tidbits of information I mentioned above. I was re-reading one of my favorite books of all time just last week, and something caught my attention that I had not noticed before. I tend to mark up my books (I know I am a monster), but marking certain passages, quotes or ideas gives me an idea of where I can go back to find it when I need it again. While I was looking through I happened to catch a detail, small, but a detail that I had previously overlooked while perusing a centuries old, cold, and dead end murder mystery. Something just happened to catch my eye, and then when I decided to get online and search through some more information, I discovered that my idea might NOT be as far fetched as I originally thought! So now that I have started on that research path, I need to push it further, and investigate a little more! But how much fun! Finding a book that can bring you to a new discovery, is something that should be treasured!

What has been your favorite discovery in a book that you have read!?