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Crocodile on the Sandbank – Week 4

While the mummy has once again eluded capture, Radcliffe is worried about how his excavation is going to proceed. When Amelia and Evelyn return to the camp, Amelia is not surprised to find him already at work on the site. But the excitement is not over just yet. As the group sits to decide what their next move will be, it becomes clear that Evelyn is the full target of the mummy, but the reason has not yet come to light as to why. The only way to get her out of danger is to send her back to Cairo, where she can be safe, but who will accompany her is not yet clear. Amelia is not wanting to leave the excavation site, the Emerson’s are not going to just walk away and leave the site, especially after all the vandalism, and Lucas cannot accompany her without a proper chaperone, since they are not married or engaged.  Evelyn decides to put the debate to an end by declaring that she will marry Lucas. The reaction is immediate, and not the one that one might expect when a marriage proposal is finally accepted. The only one excited about the situation is Lucas. Radcliffe says nothing, while Amelia is  shocked to silence. Walter responds by launching himself at Lucas, and the two engage in a short scuffle. After Evelyn walks off, with Lucas trailing after her, Amelia reveals the truth of the situation to Walter. Evelyn is not in love with Lucas at all, but is willing to do what she must to end the threat and leave the party out of harms way. But Evelyn is not done shocking the group to silence. She reveals the secrets of her past, but that only makes Walter love her more.

Now that the matter has been settled on Evelyn’s account, the capture and revelation of who the mummy is comes back to the forefront. They must get to the bottom of the mystery, and hopefully find Michael who is still missing at this point. After a apology from Lucas and as a gesture to set things right, a bottle of wine is offered and they all partake in raising their glasses to the happy couple, but there is more to the wine than just a congratulations. As the group struggles off to bed, Amelia is not sure why she is so groggy. She begins to fight sleep, and is not sure why she is having troubles rousing herself. When Lucas shows  up, she follows him outside to talk, and he proposes another glass of wine. Radcliffe then joins them, and Amelia notices something odd about his appearance. It looks as though he has been dumping water over his head, but why? After Lucas wanders off, Radcliffe reveals to Amelia that they have been drugged. As they are talking, they hear the sound the mummy emits.  Moving toward the sound, they find the prone figure of Michael, the missing dragoman. He has been kept captive, and his wounds are serious. He is seriously wounded, and Amelia feels for his life. As they move toward the caves, they see the mummy holding a fainted Evelyn in his arms, and then he takes off. As they struggle up the trail with the weight of Michael, they are joined by Lucas and Walter, who both take off after the mummy and are soon out of sight. But very soon the situation again turns grim. As Radcliffe and Amelia are sitting in the cave with Michael, a shot rings out, and a piece of rock wounds Radcliffe. As they lay in the mouth of the cave, they begin to discuss what the connections are and who might want to harm or kidnap Evelyn. The reason soon becomes clear, but now they know they must capture the perpetrators and save both Walter and Evelyn before it is to late. As Radcliffe slowly works his way down the trail, Amelia begins to throw objects over the side to mask the sounds of the descending man. Very soon a scuffle ensues and the poor unfortunate Lucas is taken captive. They gain the location of Walter and Evelyn is ascertained and they are off on a desperate search to find them before it is to late. As they move toward the mouth of the royal tomb where the couple is being kept, the best surprise has yet to be revealed….

This week we are reading Chapters 10-12


  1. Why would Evelyn hold such a low opinion of herself?
  2. Amelia and Radcliffe have a very complex relationship. How do you think they will round out their association?
  3. The villains in this book were well hidden until the end. What did you think of the web of mystery that our writer wove?