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The Red Pyramid – Week 1

Sadie and Carter are brother and sister, but they hardly spend any time together. After the death of their mother, Sadie went to live with her grandparents in London, while Carter travels the world with their dad. Their father, is an archaeologist, and Carter goes from one dig site to the other, and learns what he can while they are gallivanting all over the world. Twice a year, the family is reunited for a day. Sadie secretly envies Carter, while he secretly wishes that he could have the stable life that his sister does. Neither of them realize the explosive family secret they are sitting on.

When their family day comes about, their father had a meeting set up at the British Museum, and neither of the children are very enthused about going to another museum. Their father’s abrupt and secretive manner only leads the two teenagers to be even more curious about what their father has planned. While they are locking the curator in his office at their fathers request, Sadie catches the glow coming from the room where they left their father. They were instructed to not come inside, but neither can resist trying to figure out just what their father is up to. But then disaster strikes. Their father accidentally unleashes a series of gods that are bent on destruction, and he is bound and put into a coffin in front of their eyes.

Now they have to discover who they really are, and who the strange people are that keep popping up at the oddest times and in the weirdest ways. Carter and Sadie are starting to find out that there is more to the world around them than they were ever aware of. The ancient world of Egypt it seems, never really went away, but hid underground and the world as it was known divided into Nomes. Their uncle Amos has taken them under his wing, but when he disappears after going to investigate some news that Carter has, they are then taken to the first Nome by Zia, who could care less if either of the teenagers make it out alive.

Now they are told they are to be tested, to see what powers they might possess… and its pass and live or fail and die.

This week we are reading Chapters 1-14


  1. Sadie and Carter have not spent a lot of time together since their mother’s death years earlier. Do you think they could have done more to stay in touch rather than waiting for their twice a year visits?
  2. Carter and Sadie are finding they know things that the shouldn’t. What secrets do you think they might know?
  3. The teenagers are determined to work together to get their father back, but none of the adults really seem to believe what they have to say. Will their bond as siblings help them move past the mysteries around them?




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