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When all else fails, RETREAT…

.. To your local library or bookstore! Have you ever walked into a bookstore and wondered what undiscovered adventures waited for you!? We all have our favorite authors, and the go-to reads that we fall back on, but there are times when you have to take a chance and look for something that you have yet to discover! Finding a new book just based on the cover can have hours of endless fun!

Stress can be something that can get us all, even being down for a long period of time can leave you with an unsettled feeling. There is nothing better to calm those woes than a good book and some great characters that you can get behind. As I write this blog, I am watching all of our household goods being boxed and ready for the moving truck tomorrow, and honestly, each time they pack something, I wonder what condition it is going to be in when it arrives to our next destination. With that feeling of helplessness comes the relief of being able to slip into a good book and relax while they continue to bustle through my house. With all honesty though, the first thing that I did when I found out the date they were coming was to pull aside a large bag of books that I could pack into my car and keep with me through the hustle and bustle of the busy days. Having those books to curl up with at any given point, or spare corner of the house that I can find, helps to maintain a calmer feeling and a escape to someone else’s realm. Allowing my mind to ease into the story, and forget the crazy that is our current status is awesome!


As an avid reader, the possibilities can be endless! I can spend hours in the library or bookstore going through books that I had never heard of, or authors that have just begun to publish their works. Once in a great while you will discover an author so enthralling that you will be back begging for more, OR online trying to find everything they have ever written so that you have their complete works. One of the best resources is finding the person who has worked there a while. They can give you some rocking recommendations! As long as you tell them what you enjoy reading, they can load you up with a book list that will extend past your life expectancy.


A couple of years ago when I was fixing to be down after having surgery, I decided I better bulk up the reading mountain next to my bed. So I went in and asked my favorite librarian for some suggestions, but not all of the books that he suggested were there, so I headed off to the local bookstore. After talking to one of the ladies working there, I left with four books, and of course, a new favorite author. I read all four of those books within two days, and then had to turn to my e-reader to get more, because I could not wait to get through the remainder of the series.

One of the challenges that you might face is how to keep to a certain budget when in the book store.  I recommend taking cash and leaving the credit card at home. Having a set budget makes sure that you do not go completely over the top and buy everything that they have currently in stock. My budget setter is my husband. I take him with me when I visit a book store, and let him know how much I have to spend. When I have reached the limit of books I said I was going to buy, he begins to nicely nudge me toward the front of the store. There are times I might sneak into a book store alone or download a few books to my e-reader, but we keep no secrets, so I don’t feel as bad. Books are a passion, and a great investment.


Take a chance in the library and pick up a book based entirely on the cover! You might be surprised at the journey it takes you on! There are so many wonderful books just waiting for you to discover them! Destress today with a book to keep your mind occupied and your soul happy.



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