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The Red Pyramid – Week 2

Sadie and Carter have been informed that they are going to be tested first thing in the morning, and this is not a test that you can fail. If you pass, you live. But fail… and you die.  Not that the added stress is anything to worry about. They are considered a threat by some in the First Nome, and they are not entirely sure that they are going to be allowed to make it out alive, even if they pass the test. Carter can’t seem to get enough sleep, and when he does rest, his ba takes a trip outside of his body, and through this, he has been able to learn some of the plans that Set has made.

Sadie and Carter pass their test, but they are immediately in danger. Iskandar has passed in his sleep, and the new Chief Lector is not disposed to be friendly toward the young teens. He seems to believe that they are a much bigger threat than either of them realize. Only once they escape the training site, do they begin to understand what danger and powers they might actually have. Not only are they teens on the run, but they are considered godlings. This means that their bodies are hosting two of the ancient Egyptians gods. They are both horrified at the prospect of being controlled by another, and soon the small voices they have been hearing in their heads begin to make sense. Isis, the queen of the gods has inhabited Sadie, while her son Horus, has taken refuge in Carter. These teens, if you have not guessed already are not normal teens. In their blood runs two of the ancient line of the pharaohs. These were the powerful kings that ruled the Egyptian country for thousands of years.

Everywhere they turn, they run into a new set of challenges. They must break into Desjardins home and retrieve a text that will help them to defeat Set when the time is right, but of course, they cannot just walk through the front door. Thankfully Bast, (otherwise known as Muffin the cat) survived the scorpion attack from our first section, and is back to helping the teens on their way. They must find a way to retrieve the text and then head toward where Set is beginning to build his empire, and the time is quickly running out. While they are planning their next moves, another challenge besets them. Set discovers where they are and sends a monster after them, one bent on their destruction. Carter and Sadie do their best to evade him, but the beast does not give up easily. The siblings are determined to get their father back, but the more they discover about their family and the secrets that had been kept from them for so long, they discover that they are going to have to rely on each other and (unfortunately) the gods that have taken residence in them. First, they must make it to Memphis Tennessee, where they can ask Thoth for help. But even there, it seems that no help will be given freely, each question and request is met by a demand of some sort, another test that they must pass in order to proceed.

Will they pass the ultimate test?

This week we are reading Chapters 15-27


  1. Carter and Sadie have to pass a test in order to prevent their deaths. Do you think they are prepared for the challenges ahead?
  2. Both of the siblings have been trying to figure out what their parents were doing and why. Do you think they are any closer to discovering the secret that has been withheld for so long?
  3. How do you think that you would feel if you found you had someone inhabiting your body that you were unaware of? Would you be scared or honored?




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