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The Witch of Blackbird Pond – Week 2


While Kit struggles to find where she fits within the family, she is still pretty homesick for the island of Barbados. Everything that her Aunt and Uncle hold to is almost completely against what she learned growing up. Gone are the carefree days of roaming, and all the pretty items that she brought with her. She is made a new dress, one which is more suitable for the work that she is doing with the family. While her presence and some of her dress has some of the townsfolk talking, most seem to accept her for who she is.

When an opportunity presents itself for a teaching position, helping Mercy with the Dame school, she is pleased! She believes that she can show the family that she is not worthless and has something to offer. When she confesses her feelings to Mercy, she is embarrassed that an overheard conversation has caused some misgivings within her cousin. Mercy explains why Judith said what she did, and while Kit understands, she still feels semi-unwanted in the home. Uncle Matthew seems to have nothing to say to her, unless she has done something wrong. When she makes a huge mistake with the kids at school, which causes her immediate dismissal, she is distraught. She runs towards the meadow where she felt her first moment of peace since coming to Connecticut. While she is there, she meets Hannah Tupper. Folks around town whisper that she is a witch, but Kit knows better. She is just a lonely older woman who needs someone to talk to from time to time. As Kit is drawn back again and again to Hannah’s home, her Aunt Rachel expresses her desire that Kit stay away from her. Kit however, refuses to promise that she will not visit the older woman again. She knows deep down that she is not a witch, but how can she convince her aunt and family of that fact?

This week we are reading Chapters 6-11


  1. Why is Kit having such a hard time in adjusting to her new surroundings?
  2. Do you think people believe that Hannah is a witch just because she is different from them?
  3. How would you have responded to Hannah?