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Tropical and Peach Punch Mocktails

The weekends in my house seem to be getting more and more chaotic as the summer goes on. By the time Sunday comes I am ready to just sit, relax, and do absolutely nothing on my couch. However, there is only one thing that could make this relaxation time even better and that is a cold refreshing drink with fruit! I found the most simple recipe, Tropical & Peach Punch Mocktails at www.cocacolamilitary.com and immediately went to my fridge. We are a big Minute Maid® family so luckily I always have it stocked in my fridge. For this recipe I actually used Minute Maid® Fruit Punch and Peach Punch. I mixed them together and it made the most amazing drink combo! I also used my favorite fruits, blueberries and strawberries and they put this mocktail over the top! Check it out:

What You Need

  • Minute Maid Tropical Punch 128 fl. oz. OR Minute Maid Peach Punch 59 fl. oz.
  • Crushed ice (Optional: Mix the Minute Maid juice with the ice in a blender to make afrozen drink).
  • Several cups of assorted chopped fruit like mango, kiwi, peaches, watermelon,strawberries, oranges, and cantaloupe.
  • Bamboo skewers (one skewer per drink).
  • Optional: Limes and fruit seasoning. I like to use one called Tajin.


  1. Fill the glass with the crushed ice and pour either Minute Maid Tropical Punch or Minute Maid Peach Punch.
  2. Create your own fruit combination to place on to the skewers. Personally, I like to make sure there is color contrast for a brighter and more festive look.
  3. If desired, squeeze lime on the fruit and sprinkle with fruit seasoning. For fruit seasoning, I use one called Tajin, which gives my fruit an amazing tangy flavor.

Honestly, mixing Minute Maid® Fruit Punch and Peach Punch together was a good choice because both having amazing flavor and it was the perfect refreshing drink after a chaotic weekend. I want to try out the Tropical Punch next!

And right now, at your local commissary, Minute Maid® 59oz cartons are only $1.00! That’s an amazing deal, so hurry in and stock up now! And for more deals, coupons, and recipes visit www.cocacolamilitary.com.

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