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Kick Pain To the Curb with Extra Strength Tylenol!

Do you suffer from aches and pains? Have you had surgery, and looking for some relief? LOOK NO FURTHER. Let me tell you,Tylenol from Johnson and Johnson is the #1 doctor recommended choice for a reason!

Five years ago, I had surgery on my hip, due to an injury I received in the Army. I have never been one to take medication, and heavy drugs make me feel all weird. So as soon as I could ditch the stronger meds, I picked up Tylenol. Not only did it help keep the pain at bay, but I was able to function enough to still feel as though I was a member of my family. Before I felt as though I was just a lump on the bed or couch. I wanted to be a part of my family, and to enjoy my kids. After getting off the heavier medication, I was able to resume reading to my kids, and helping with the homework they brought home from school. Why suffer from medication hangovers?

Tylenol has been a lifesaver in so many different ways. After working out, the muscle aches are no fun! Keep Tylenol in your gym bag to get a jump on the pains that can plague you later. If you go hiking or camping, having Tylenol in your gear can come in handy for any injuries or aches that might occur after a long day of having fun. Whether you are planning for back to school headaches, holiday joys, or whatever life can throw your way, Tylenol always has you covered!

Right now at your local commissary, you can grab Tylenol Extra Strength! This is one item that you want to keep stocked in your medicine cabinet! Parents, don’t worry – Tylenol has a kids option available too! Gentle on their tummies, yet strong enough to relieve any pains from teething to cuts and scrapes. Check out the savings at your commissary today!

What do you rely on Tylenol for?