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Working Out Indoors

Living in Boston can have its challenges, especially with the weather! I have a gym membership but there are some days that making it out to the gym just isn’t possible. Besides the weather, I also have a toddler. So stuffy noses, groggy mornings, or just those days that he doesn’t want to turn Paw Patrol off, can also keep me in the house for a morning (or afternoon workout). I am almost 18 weeks pregnant and I still workout the same as I did before I got pregnant. Now, there are some adjustments I make: I lift lighter weight with more reps, I also still run just at a slower pace. Now besides running, which I know not everyone is a fan of, there are lots of other cardio exercises you can do such as: indoor cycling, indoor rowing, elliptical, and walking.

Here are some great indoor exercises that you can do without a gym:

  1. Dumbbell weights/kettle bell– I bought a pair of 5lb and 10lb weights from TJ Maxx for less then $20. This enables me to do many of the exercises that I would have done at the gym. The kettle bell (15lb) I also bought for about $9 and I am now able to do kettle bell swings which is a great cardio exercise that works your shoulders and leg muscles as well.
  2. Jump Rope– Have a open hallway in your home? Then jump roping is possible! This is great for a cardio exercise. Do in 1 min increments and mix it up with other cardio exercises on this list.
  3. Bodyweight Exercises– push ups, squats, lunges, side leg raises, planks, tricep dips, and donkey kicks.
  4. Abs– sit ups, flutter kicks, bicycle crunches, leg raises.
  5. Cardio– besides the jump rope you can include high knees, climbers, jumping jacks, and running in place.

So you can mix up a lot of these exercises and create your own workout play list. Pick 2-3 bodyweight exercises, 2 abs, and 2 cardio exercises. You can do them for reps or time. For example:

Jump Rope 1min

Squats 30 sec

Lunges 30 sec (both legs, so 1 min total)

Sit ups 30 sec

Leg Raises 30 sec

High Knees 30 sec

Jumping Jacks 1 min

Repeat for 3 rounds, with 1 min rest in between rounds- That’s a quick 15 min workout that you can do in your home! You can also add weights (if you have them) and extend the workout a little longer. There are so many bodyweight and cardio exercises that you can do in your home! So mix up, get moving, and stay healthy during these upcoming winter months!

**Please note that I am not a personal trainer and any exercises you have concerns about should be discussed with your doctor. Workout to your comfort level. Being pregnant, I do wear a fitbit in order to keep track of my heart rate.**

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