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Staying Healthy While Pregnant During The Holiday’s

So I am almost 19 weeks pregnant now and I have to be honest, when I thought about being pregnant during the holiday season, the first thing I that came to mind was “oh man, I am going to gain way too much weight!” But, I have actually been doing really well! I have gained 2 pounds.. BUT no worries because my doctor said due to my active lifestyle this is completely normal and safe, and our baby girl is growing perfectly! Before I got pregnant I was (and still am) a runner and lifted weights regularly. So after speaking to my doctor, she encouraged me to continue to run (at a slower pace) and continue to strength train with just lighter weights (and more reps). Below is my 18 week pic:


The first 10 weeks of my pregnancy were filled with all day nausea. However, most days I would get up, get dressed, go to the gym or workout in my house and it was honestly this was the only time of the day that I didn’t feel sick! Simple workouts are a great way to stay healthy during pregnancy, especially during the holidays. I know we all have busy schedules, but a 15-20min workout is all you need to get your heart rate up a little. Exercises such as: squats, lunges, planks, side planks, kick backs, tricep dips, push ups, jump rope, and jumping jacks, can be combined for a quick, simple, and great feeling workout!

Now, let’s talk food. I will say, when I have a craving, I give into it. I don’t deprive myself of things I want or crave, however for the most part I snack on healthy foods. When I want something sweet I usually eat strawberries, kiwi, and berries. Salty foods I will eat popcorn, yogurt pretzels, and I love love love pickles! So I found some amazing little snacks that can fulfill cravings, but in a healthy way!

Humus and veggies:

Chop up veggies, get pita bread, and dip in your favorite humus!


These are fun because you can mix any ingredients you want, throw in some ice, and BAM, a sweet and delicious treat!

Peanut Butter and whatever your heart desires:

I love peanut butter and almond butter, mainly because you can throw it on a variety of things and have a snack. Try bananas, apples, waffles, and even celery!

Yogurt and fresh fruit:

More fruit! I love fruit, sorry. Just mix with some of your favorite yogurt, instant healthy snack!

Oatmeal, walnuts, and raisins:

Delicious as breakfast or a snack. Oatmeal is one of my favorite items and I love to jazz it up with different toppings and mixings!

Being pregnant and healthy during the holiday’s is in no way impossible! The key is to find a healthy balance. Fulfill your cravings while adding other healthy snacks and some great exercise! Questions or comments feel free to email me: amanda@mymilitarysavings.com


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