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A Lion To Guard Us – Week 2

Amanda has decided to ask Mrs. Trippett for the money that her mother had. When their father left for America, he had sold their house, and so the money was kept in a small pouch, to pay for their passage to America when he was ready for them. As she gathers the courage to ask, Mrs. Trippett goes into a rage. She ends up in a faint, and her son kicks Amanda and her siblings out of the house. As they wander around London trying to decide what to do, they realize that there are a lot more people without homes.

Amanda finally decides to head back toward the house where they can find shelter in the chicken coop for the night, and then make new plans in the morning. As they head toward Mrs. Trippetts, they run into Dr. Crider who has been looking for them. He takes them to his house, and listens as Amanda tells him what her plans are. He then gives them a room to sleep in, with a real bed! The next morning he goes out, and when he comes back, he is full of excitement. Not only are the children going to be able to go to America, but he is going to go as well! They need doctors in the New World, and the Company does not care how old he is.

Now preparations are under way for the trip. With a list of things to do, Dr. Crider takes the children to find some new clothing. Before to long, everything is set, and the time has come to depart. Dr. Crider tells them that they are going to be sailing on the ship with the Admiral of the fleet. Now is the time for adventure….

This week we are reading Chapters 6-11


1. Why do you think Mrs. Trippett would not give Amanda the money?

2. Why was Dr. Crider searching for them?

3. Why is Dr. Crider so excited to be going to America?