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American Sniper – Week 1

Chris Kyle is one of the most celebrated heroes of our time, but he does not see himself as any better than anyone else. His story, American Sniper, takes us behind the scenes and into the action as though you are there. As we move through his early life, education and career choices, we start to glimpse the man beyond the screen.

What an interesting story so far! We have moved through BUDS school and into the desert. Chris Kyle has such a sense of humor, that can make you laugh out loud reading though the pages of his autobiography. We are getting an in-depth view of what it is like going through BUDS training, although as he points out, it is much different actually being there than reading about it. We are quickly moving through the pages of his life, and the beginnings of the man, that through tragedy, we are getting bigger picture of.  His personal take on the training, life shaping events, and romance, help to paint a picture that we might not have otherwise have seen.


This week we are reading Chapters 1-3

Some things to consider as we move through the chapters:

1. Chris Kyle has a very open and direct way of speaking. As I was reading through the chapters for this week, I enjoyed the sense of humor that he uses, as well as the open and honest format in which he lays out his story. What did you think?

2. We are introduced to Taya fairly early on, and her reminisces through the book help to fulfill the story. Do you feel as though she helps to put a different feel into the biography?


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