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DIY Cleaning Tips

Let’s talk lemons! They aren’t just for your glass of water or ice tea.

Lemons have a variety of uses around the house, so here are a few tips about where and how you can use those lemons. But you don’t have to use just lemons, baking soda and vinegar have a few useful bits about them too!



Sprinkle your stove top, counters and sinks down lightly with baking soda and vinegar.  Wait for the magical reaction (yep it just starts to foam). Once it’s lost its fizzle, just take a cloth and start wiping.  Be sure to finish up with a damp cloth of H2O (water) to rinse your stove top, counters and sinks clean with.  If you want to add a little shine your stove top polish it off with a lemon before you rinse clean with your damp cloth.  Having problems with your garbage disposal smelling as fresh as a summer’s breeze?  Place a few lemon wedges into your disposal and run as you normally would with water.  This will not only clean, sanitize and freshen your garbage disposal,  but this will also sharpen those dulling blades!

Lemons are great for cleaning your kitchen electric grills too!



You can use baking soda, vinegar and lemons much of the same way in the bathroom as you did the kitchen.  With a few exceptions of course!   Sprinkle your bathtub, counter and sink down with baking soda and vinegar.   Just like in the kitchen, wait for the fizzle to stop its sizzle and then wipe clean.  You can rinse the tub with your shower head or with a damp cloth.  Rinse your counter and sink with a damp cloth.  You can also add some gleaming glow to your sink and bathtub with some lemon if you’d like before you rinse with water.