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DIY Garland & Tomato Cage Christmas Tree.

I absolutely love Christmas. My favorite part about decorating for Christmas is the lights! I love the lights, and the way they can turn the simplest thing into something magical. We aren’t big into stringing lights outside our house, but any decor I can make using lights, and I’m all over it! So after being inspired by an outdoor tree at a local restaurant last year I decided to make one myself this year.


First I gathered all my supplies. For this one tree, I used a large decorative pot, a smaller plastic pot and a tomato cage from my garden stash. Then I grabbed the prelit garland. For this one tree, I used two different kinds of garland. One has a bendable wire center to allow you to shape the garland better, and the second kind was your normal, plain, long green garland with lights. I had two sets of each.  I also used some rubber cord and a few landscaping bricks.


First I took the plastic pot and inserted the tomato cage upside down. I used the frog tape to help secure the cage to the outside of the pot. If you’re only using one pot you can secure the cage with tape on the inside of the pot so it won’t tip over. After that, I used the rubber cord to the tie the top together and inserted the smaller pot into your decorative pot. I tossed in a few landscaping bricks to even further stabilize the pot.


I started with the wire garland (making sure the electrical plug  was at the bottom and plenty of length to reach the outlet) and started wrapping around the top of the pot to hide it. I used both wire garlands and continued to wrap until I got to the top, fixing and moving until it was evenly spaced around. Then I went back and repeated this step with the normal garland filling in the gaps and fluffing the branches from the first garland.

   To add a little extra holiday sparkle I used some tree fillers to add a pop of color and added a white star to the top!
garland11   garland14

Now our front porch is a little more magical!




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