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Easy DIY Centerpiece

I am running around crazy this week, trying to get everything ready for this perfect holiday meal. While I was laying everything out last night, to see how it would look on the table, I realized that the center of my table was completely bare. Many people put all their food on the tables, but in our house it works easier to do a buffet style layout, and that keeps the table open, without having to pass eight million items around. Since I didn’t want to drop a ton of cash, I hit up my local thrift store, and found some items I thought would be super cute together.

Ya’ll know how it is – big plans, but then you get home and sit down. Motivation GONE! I sat staring at the items I had laid out in my office, but I was so tired I didn’t have the want to get up and put it all together. My son came in to see what I was doing, and when I told him I was thinking, he got to work! It took him less than five minutes to put this together, and it looks fabulous! Really ya’ll – kids can do these for your table! They love to help get ready for company, and this was his way to contribute to the festivities.

What you will need:

  • Decorative Bowl
  • Fake Leaves
  • Fake Veggies (or really anything that you want to use)


  1. Lay the leaves in the bottom of the bowl, and fluff just a little to give it a full look
  2. Add in your veggies or decorative items
  3. DONE!

See how simple that was? Two steps and finished. Now, I found this stuff at the thrift store, so this entire centerpiece cost me less than 5.00! Now that is thrifty, and these things looked brand new! I was really pleased with the finished product and my son is excited about his “artwork.” Definitely a win win! Get your crafty side on this holiday season and share your creations with us here!