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Flavorful Quiche on the Fly!

Mornings can be rough. Waking up early to deal with little ones is even harder. Getting dressed is a necessity but eating breakfast?? Ehh, I’ve skipped it a few times. On accident. Because life happens! There are times that I would prefer to just start my days after noon.

But I’ve learned how to conquer the wee hours of the morning! And the trick, my friends, is finding a great quality fuel source for your body to get your day started on the right track. In fact, you won’t even want to hit your snooze button again when you know you have a Special K® Crustless Quiche waiting for you!! They are a breeze to warm up, are packed with protein, and come in the most delicious flavor combinations. These easy breakfast quiches will turn anyone into a morning person!


I enjoy them all so much that I can’t even choose a favorite – I typically reach in the freezer and grab whichever is closest. I mean, how can you even compare mushrooms to ham and quinoa or cheesy sausage?? They are all absolutely delicious. You wouldn’t think a frozen meal could taste so good!! And that is no lie.

The best time to stock up on these breakfasts for champions is NOW while they are on sale through September 15!! Only $2.49 each!!! But put it on a plate and you’d think it was a $10 meal from your favorite Mom and Pop restaurant. Head on over to your commissary and find your new favorite meal! You will not be sorry!

Try them now, thank me later!

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